Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mini Makeup Mess

Tiny little makeup goodness! Aren't they so pretty? 
I was reorganising my makeup storage earlier and just can't get enough of these little bunch right here. 
I guess these little ones deserve a space in my blog too, right?

C'mon lovelies, let's admit it -- when you go makeup shopping, how many times would you ask the Sephora counter if they have samples for you? You just can't wait for holiday, because its holiday makeup sets digging  time! Oh, that email that Sephora just sent you, spent a few and you'll receive a complimentary deluxe/sample size of this new released or limited edition makeup product and you go crazy. 
You're not alone girl, I feel you. 

Having an addiction to makeup and wanting to spend less is a real struggle. Tiny beauty products are great especially when you want to experiment or try it for the first time without paying the full price, they are great for traveling or simply throw them at your mini purse as it doesn't take up much space and even if they're small  you can use them for a longer period of time too! Amazing, adorable, affordable -- yay!

Sephora free samples, complimentary items and holiday gift sets are just awesome. Here are my favourite picks from my mini makeup collection.

For Face and Cheeks (primer, liquid/powder foundation, blushers, bronzer, highlighter)

For Eyes (primer, liners, mascaras)

For Lips (lipsticks, lipgloss)

"Find beauty in the small things." 

Love and Smile always,
Mitchie Elle