Sunday, May 31, 2015

25 Facts About Me

So, after contemplating for about an hour or two.. I've finally decided to share a little facts about me as my very first post to my very first blog.. (wow!) so please bear with me po. haha! :D

1.  When I was a kid, we used to have a single door fridge and I'll put my toes in there when I'm about to sleep.

2.  My sister is my very best friend and my very worst enemy.

3.  I'm anaemic and asthmatic when I was younger. (lucky I'm all good now. Thank God!)

4.  I love writing. I used to write poems, stories and I have a diary from elementary to high school. In college, my life wasn't that interesting so I stopped. (3 facts here now)

5.  I believe in love at first sight. 

yes, it's me! lol

6.  When I met my husband, I knew I'm going to marry him. 

7.  I have one annoying sister and two self-proclaimed pogi brothers.

8.  When I'm happy, I can't stop talking.. and will not even say a word when I'm sad, but I'll still be needing someone to comfort me and talk to me.. (when I can't talk, weird.)

9.  Communication, for me, is the most vital part of a healthy relationship.

10.  Sarah McLachlan is my fave.

this magical moment.. :)

11.  I don't mind being alone, I can even talk to myself sometimes.

12.  I may look normal on the outside but I can be quite strange in the inside.. just like a Ferrero chocolate. (what?!)

13.  I love participating in any charity events. It makes me happy seeing other people happy. 

14.  I used to participate in any school activities when I was younger but lost my confidence when I turned teenage years.

15.  You can be brutally honest with me telling me that I'm the worst person you've ever met and I will just smile at you.

2014 charity event in Manila, sponsored by our company.

16.  I'm a mother of the most handsome 4-year old boy.

17.  I can say no to chocolate but I can't live without them.

18.  I love music. Music loves me not.

19.  I'm a proud Catholic school student from Kinder to High School. (yeah \m/)

20.  I have friends who I met by chance and not because we have common friends.

my life.

21.  Christmas makes me giggles.

22.  I hate make-ups and anything to do with beauty, I just don't care about them at all.. not until my very first job is all about beauty and make-up! Now I'm obsessed.

23.  Faith, for me, is everything.. followed with Love.

24.  I'm not good in Math. Don't ask me anything about numbers. Please.

25.  I love sharing. Sharing is loving and caring. So, I'm sharing these with you!

Hope you like this little sharing I did.. I'm starting to know more about me too! haha! It's not that easy though. Tell me about your thoughts too! I would love to hear from you. :)

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." ~Aristotle

Love and Smile always,
Mitchie Elle